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Our first 35 years

This material is as reported by Past President (PP) Bruce Johansen and PP Bob Mibus after selecting highlights from the HERC Board minutes and changeover reports.

As a result of work done by Rotarians Malcolm Taylor and Norm Silvey, HERC was born. A meeting of interested people was held on 5th February 1971 at the Horsham Technical School.

A meeting of provisional Rotary members was held on 17th February 1971 at the La Fontana Restaurant. On 16th April 1971 District Governor (DG) Jim Chisholm presented the club's charter at the Horsham Town Hall with 25 members present.

Territorial limits of the day were written into the Club Constitution as:
"Commencing at a point on the Western Highway ten miles northerly from the Horsham Post Office proceeding east of the centre line of the Western Highway, Firebrace Street and O'Callaghan's Parade and the Western Highway to a point ten miles southerly from the Post Office at Horsham by an arc of a circle anti-clockwise to the point of commencement".

Charter Year:
Inaugural President Jim Coffey
Inaugural Secretary Graham Campbell
Good Will Begins with You.

HERC Charter Members were J.Coffey, G.Campbell, G.Shady, J.McMillan, R.Rankin, B.Gross, S.Gitcham, T.Speakman, A.Finch, J.Skinner, D.Pinch, G.Milne, C.Carroll, D.Mariager, V.Green, L.Sheehan,, G.Touhey, C.Hopper, A.Bragonje, I.Maroske, J.Schwartz, L.Lowrey, L.WongShee, R.Burgess,, J.Phillips and R.Abud.

From the 1st Annual Report, signed by President Dr Rodney Abud, we note the following; "We have formed the basis of a progressive Rotary Club and although we have succeeded in our original aim to grow together, grow in numbers and to grow in Rotary itself we have had difficulties during the initial period. We were unfortunate enough to lose both our Charter President and Charter Secretary before the first changeover. In fact, half of the original board of directors changed".

The first 6 projects undertaken by the club were;
1. Garden rest centre in Firebrace Street - project discontinued
2. Meals on Wheels, Rotarian Dennis Pinch in charge
3. Vintage Car Rally, Rotarian Dennis Pinch in charge - $22.00 raised
4. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) - club sponsored Terry Harris to attend the seminar.
5. River Improvement Scheme - Rotarian AB Bragonje attended all committee meetings
6. Rotoract - Rotarian Bruce Johansen and Rotarian Bill McGowan helped to get it off the ground.

The International Service Report stated that their program aimed at
1. Providing funds for Bangladesh
2. Getting Christmas Cards from Japan Club, Korryama East
3. Hosting Group Study Exchange (GSE)
4. Rotary Exchange Student - as only four volunteered to host a student and because of the cost of $400.00 the project did not proceed.

The First Ladies Night was held in March 1971.
The first years financial receipts 1971 - 1972
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $1855.00 $1713.00
Service Account $490.00 $191.00

1972 - 1973 President Reece Burgess
Let's Take a New Look, And Act.

Highlights: The idea of an Art Show was discussed; when it was suggested that it could be a major event for Horsham and the Rotary Club. The first Art Show was held in November 1973. The first Rotary Ball was held. Further activities included: river beautification, meals on wheels, RYLA, first exchange student from Nevada.

The two Horsham Rotary Clubs agreed to co-host a GSE team.
To help finance the project Rotarian Geo Hall offered to conduct a ballroom dancing class.

GSE team - incoming Rockville, USA

Financial receipts 1972 - 1973
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $3637.00 $2891.00
Service Account $ 592.00 $353.00

1973 - 1974 President Ian Maroske
A time For Action

President Ian Maroskes report concluded "There has been an enrichment of experience for all who participated in the HERC year, both in the giving and in the taking and none of it, or very little of it, could have happened if the club had not existed. Would we honestly have replaced the time spent at Rotary with time of equal value spent elsewhere".

Pastor Doug Nicols was a notable guest speaker.

Financial receipts 1973 - 1974
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $4224.00 $2800.00
Service Account $2931.00 $2905.00

1974 - 1975 President B.Gross
Renew the Spirit of Rotary

Highlights: Art and Craft Show, RYLA seminar at LAC. The club assisted in the Wimmera Base Hospital (WBH) appeal. They worked towards the completion of the Veta Landt memorial. Made an undertaking to organise an "approval for funding to establish and build a training centre for the disturbed, intellectually handicapped children. The target was $80,000. Mr & Mrs Jack Schier donated $12,000 to purchase the land.

Financial receipts 1974 - 1975
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $2732.00 $1665.00
Service Account $412.00 $31.00

1975 - 1976 President J.Heid
To Dignify the Human Being.

Highlights: Rotary continued public support for the Karkana Appeal.

GSE outgoing member Allan Vickers to Louisiana
GSE team - incoming Sweden and Louisiana
Exchange Student - incoming Hideaki Makabe from Japan

Financial receipts 1975 - 1976
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $6312.00 $6055.00
Service Account $752.00 $731.00

1976 - 1977 President E.Hurtig
I Believe in Rotary Service.

Highlights: Erection of fencing at Karkana, Selling drinks at Show, formation of the Wimmera Amateur Radio & Electronics Club, Bill Ower elected to lead GSE team to Sweden. Close contact with Rotoract. Karkana appeal reached total of $120,000. Our maxim "Karkana is a love job" established the HERC as a force for community benefit and the appeal conclusion must have confirmed this in the minds of all citizens.

Exchange Student - outgoing Dianne Pearson to Japan

Financial receipts 1976 - 1977
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $6756.00 $6546.00
Service Account $5680.00 $5229.00

1977 - 1978 President Bruce Johansen
Service to Unite Mankind

Highlights: Redesigned fountain completed. HERC resolved to host a student each year and hopefully to send one away. HERC believes we are taking more from Rotary Foundation than we contribute. Assistance was given to Horsham Youth Clubs with their appeal to raise $5000.00.

Exchange Student - outgoing Peter Light to USA
Exchange Student - incoming Donna Bird from Fredonia, USA
GSE outgoing member Stephen Phillips to Brazil
Art show profit $4320.00
Horsham Show drinks profit $2501.00

Financial receipts 1977 - 1978
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $ 1015.00 $426.00
Service Account $11565.00 $10362.00

1978 - 1979 President W.Ower
Reach Out

Highlights: HERC farewelled Donna Bird. The club historian I.Maroske and assistant J.Lonsdale working quietly on a brief history of HERC for Rotary's 75th anniversary. HERC agreed to continue with the Horsham Art Show. Selling drinks at show and provided a uniform plus 12 months subs for a boy to join Scouts.

Exchange Student - outgoing Gaye Dixon to Thailand
Exchange Student - incoming Yoko Motoki from Japan
GSE outgoing member Bruce Valpied to Canada

Financial receipts 1978 - 1979
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $7356.00 $6552.00
Service Account $ $

1979 - 1980 President A.Uebergang
Did this Club Let Service Light the Way

Highlights: 75th anniversary party with Horsham Rotary Club. 75th Anniversary of Rotary was acknowledged by organising 3 activities 1) a worthwhile community effort, contracted to do cleaning up after Karkana building was completed. 2) Public awareness of Rotary through radio and features in the local paper. 3) a grand banquet was held on 23rd February.
Art show, show drinks, MOW, Apex fishing competition stewards were all activities completed.

Exchange Student - outgoing Miriam Mibus to Japan
Exchange Student - incoming Org Chan Yam (Yammy)
Paul Harris Fellow recipient Brian Brooke - Mayor of Horsham

Financial receipts 1979 - 1980
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $7033.00 $4070.00
Service Account $5551.00 $3977.00

1980 - 1981 President LWB.Smith
Take Time to Serve

Highlights: Fund raising for Wool Factory. Club decided that HERC would foster Rotoract for one year then Horsham Rotary Club (HRC) the next. HERC organised National Heart Foundation Sunday. The shift to the Horsham Golf Cl;ub for meetings proved popular. The 10th Anniversary of HERC was celebrated, all PP, excluding Jim Coffey, and over 50 past members attended. Rotarian Ian M Maroske presented an historic account of our 10 years of service.

Inter club visits to Dimboola and Warracknabeal occurred. HERC accepted responsibility of fostering one of four Vietnamese families to settle into Horsham. Rotoract rejuvenated. Youth Exchange Miriam Mibus returned from Japan. Treasurer John Nunn suggested adoption of a set of procedures for the keeping of Rotary accounts. Wool factory $2050.00.

Exchange Student - outgoing Malcolm Light to Brazil
Art show profit $ 2050.00
Financial receipts 1980 - 1981
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $ 7840.00 $7564.00
Service Account $12855.00 $12202.00

1981 - 1982 President J.Schwarz
World Understanding & Peace Through Rotary

Highlights: DG Jack Hill said "be enthusiastic, be patient, have confidence, have pride in Rotary, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, do it with a smile". There was a ladies night, progressive dinner, golf days and apprentice exchanges. We commenced a project of restoring Samuel May monument in May Park. Visited and assisted the sponsored Vietnamese family. The club decided to host an exchange student every alternate year. Ivan Pearson continues to serve in the area of youth activities at a district level.

Exchange Student - outgoing Fiona Lamshed
Exchange Student - incoming Christine Tieman from Germany
GSE team - incoming Iowa, USA
RYLA participant John Klowse
Art Show profit $59.15
Horsham Show Drinks profit $938.70

Financial receipts 1981 - 1982
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $7121.00 $6953.00
Service Account $8305.00 $7339.00

1982 - 1983 President G.Lind
Theme :
Mankind is One, Build Bridges of Friendship Throughout the World.

Highlights: HERC approached the HRC regarding an extension of the territorial boundaries. Karkana disco was held. There was a good club response to the bushfire appeal, two tree planting schemes with 190 trees planted at the Wool Factory, 120 at the Sunnyside Lutheran Rest Home. A team of HERC members spent a couple of days cleaning up some of the fire ravaged areas around Warrnambool. Mock job interviews were arranged. The apprentice swap program with Sunshine club occurred. $400 was raised by plucking and cleaning 250 chooks to be sold for Christmas. Arrangements with HRC to host the GSE team from Bavaria. We maintained close contact with the Commonwealth Employment Service (CES) in regard to youth unemployment. Membership was 64.

Exchange Student - outgoing Richard Sproul
Exchange Student - incoming Diana Cantor from Canada
RYLA participant Steven Leversha
Art Show profit $2015.00

Financial receipts 1982 - 1983
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $7823.00 $7405.00
Service Account $19141.00 $15964.00

1983 - 1984 President Max Cuddihy
Theme :
Share Rotary, Serve People.

Highlights: HERC became an incorporated body. A club building was purchased and fundraising committee was established. More trees were planted at Wool Factory. The runner Ron Grant passed through Horsham on his world record run of 13,383 kilometres in aid of RHRF. Several Rotarians joined him. The fund raising committee raised $3123.

RYLA participants Corina Heinz, Anthony Balm & Keith Fischer
Paul Harris Fellow recipient John Heid
Art Show profit $1968.00
Horsham Show Drinks profit $497.00

Financial receipts 1983 - 1984
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $9348.00 $8566.00
Service Account $24683.00 $21619.00

1984 - 1985 President J.Skinner
Theme :
Discover a New World of Service

Highlights: Joint service clubs dinner was a success. The club incorporation was finalised and 200 trees were planted at Wool Factory. Display stands were made for the archery show & the art show. We had vists from Stawell and Warracknabeal Rotary clubs. Rotarians Kevin and Joan Plush and N. Murch prepare to participate in working team on Yule Island off Port Moresby. Art Show on May 3,4 and 5 opened by Senator Dame Margaret Guilfoyle. New stands were used for the first time. Rotary golf day profit $307.00, membership was 69.

Exchange Student - incoming Anne Hulsoff from Netherlands
GSE team - incoming District 712, New York State
Art Show profit $ 1145.00
Horsham Show Drinks profit $ 696.00

Financial receipts 1984 - 1985
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $14841.00 $14076.00
Service Account $28216.00 $28166.00

1985 - 1986 President B.Davey
Theme :
You Are the Key to Rotary

Highlights: HERC involved in Australia Day breakfast in May Park. Fund raising committee organised a successful Austrian night making a profit of $1930.00 Ian Spicer, director of the Employees Federation, spoke on the topic "Employer - Employee relations" with 117 Rotarians, Rotary Ladies and others attending. Mock interviews for Year 10 students occurred.

Paul Harris Fellow recipient Cec Hopper
Art Show profit $1769.00
Horsham Show Drinks profit $2710.00

Financial receipts 1985 - 1986
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $8891.00 $6300.00
Service Account $35822.00 $33913.00

1986 - 1987 President G.Ryan
Theme :
Rotary Brings Hope

Highlights: Len Beadell night for Polio Plus. With HRC we organized and ran district 978 conference. Rotary district 978 Golf Day at Horsham Golf Club. Mrs Heather Mitchell, wife of Rotarian Lester, and President of Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) spoke on the "problems and concerns facing the primary industry". Raised $1000.00 for polio and $1000 for RHRF.65 members.

Exchange Student - outgoing Tania Aisbett
Exchange Student - incoming Linda DuPreez from South Africa
National Science Summer School Jeanette Raleigh
Paul Harris Fellow recipient M.Minne

Financial receipts 1986 - 1987
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $10580.00 $10506.00
Service Account $13245.00 $12156.00

1987 - 1988 President Bob Mibus
Theme :
United in Service - Dedicated to Peace

Highlights: Polio Plus Program. HRC & HERC hope to raise $24,000. A target of $120 million US to be raised by 1990 almost raised. Horsham Rotoract Club hosts their district conference at LAC. The 2 Horsham rotary clubs assisted with meals. Site for club building procured. Levies and debentures used to finance the project. Vulcan Foundry tree planting program commenced Rotarian Lester Mitchell our first Honorary Member.

Exchange Student - outgoing Paul Fennell to Canada
Exchange Student - incoming Kuniko Hongawa from Japan
GSE team - incoming India
RYLA participant Peter Russell
National Science Summer School Ruth Raleigh
Paul Harris Fellow recipients I.Pearson, W.Ower and R.Cochrane

Financial receipts 1987 - 1988
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $7853.00 $6821.00
Service Account $14309.00 $12272.00

1988 - 1989 President G.Cornwall
Theme :
Put Life into Rotary - Your Life

Highlights: President George said "
some notable achievements, but also some serious difficulties. These problems were eventually overcome and it is my belief that the club is the better for having faced and weathered the storm". Rotarian Lester Mitchell died. The club shed was completed and $10,000 was raised for Polio Plus. Rotarians Rob Marshall, Brian Brooke and John Heid thanked for their work leading up to the Art Show. HERC moves it s meeting place from the Golf club to Jakades. Wheelchair maintenance in Horsham was arranged and local tradesman given special training.

Exchange Student - outgoing Nicole Nixon
Exchange Student - incoming Hans Meier from Norway
GSE team - incoming Missouri
RYLA participant Daniel Hutchinson
RYPEN Jane Ballinger and Cindy Lane
Paul Harris Fellow recipients R.Mibus, roma Carlson
Art Show profit $6284.00

Financial receipts 1988 - 1989
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $9569.00 $6451.00
Service Account $14037.00 $

1989 - 1990 President W.Ower
Theme :
Enjoy Rotary

Highlights: "The change to Jakades has provided us with an excellent and well located venue. Some minor problems over carrots and sweet corn seem to have been sorted out". HERC Rotary Park ( Veta Landt) undergone major works. Vocational Service is to get a higher profile in Rotary and the community. Ladies of Rotary had a busy year.

Exchange Student - outgoing Amanda Walsh to USA
GSE team - incoming Sweden
RYLA participant Tania Matuschka

Financial receipts 1989 - 1990
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $15549.00 $ 13857.00
Service Account $12718.00 $ 8840.00

1990 - 1991 President Jim Lonsdale
Theme :
Honour Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm

Highlights: HERC had its 1000th meeting. Official opening of the club rooms occurred. Combined services dinner hosted by HERC. This year commenced the Pride of Workmanship Awards. Jeff Kennett spoke on life in politics. HERC organised for sheep to be slaughtered and meat given to needy families. A comment from the fellowship report reads "I like the way our members are willing to sit, pretty well anywhere, at dinner. This enhances a richer mix of ideas and understanding, and prevents the formation of unhealthy cliques in the club". The national director of Australian Small Business Association, Mr Peter Boyle, gave a forceful, challenging and energetic address to a meeting of 150 interested people. This was organised by HERC and HRC.

Exchange Student - incoming Takato Katoh from Japan
GSE team - incoming Japan
Paul Harris Fellow recipients Bruce Johanson
Art Show profit $9457.00
Financial receipts 1990 - 1991
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $14460.00 $12561.00
Service Account $55927.00 $50910.00

1991 - 1992 President John Nunn
Theme :
Look Beyond Yourself

Highlights: The Bill Davey Rotary Club of Horsham East Study Award was instigated following the sad loss of PP Bill Davey in July 1991. Bill's father Tom was the recipient of a Paul Harris Fellowship. HERC won both the Golf Trophy and the Tug of War Fishing trip to Fort courage. An Honour Board was erected listing exchange students. A working bee to cut wood at the Davey farm was held.

Exchange Student - outgoing Peter Thompson to Norway
Exchange Student - incoming Matthew Hemley from California, USA
GSE team - incoming Kentucky
GSE outgoing member Greg Scneider to Kentucky
RYLA participant Grant McRae
RYPEN Lydia Pape and Susan Dolby
Paul Harris Fellow recipients T.Davey
Art Show profit $5524.00
Horsham Show Drinks profit $ 2454.00

Financial receipts 1991 - 1992
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $16630.00 $14076.00
Service Account $51386.00 $45073.00

1992 - 1993 President K.Hogan
Theme :
Real Happiness is Helping Others

Highlights: PP Geoff Tually district governor nominee. 500 apologies were received for the year and only 71 make ups.

Exchange Student - outgoing Brock Stephens to South Africa
Exchange Student - incoming Aline Vandermolen from Belgium
GSE team - incoming Ontario
RYLA participant Peter Both
Siemens Science School Julie McDonald and Andrew Sargent
Bill Davey Award Jaye Wilde first recipient
Art Show profit $4287.00

Financial receipts 1992 - 1993
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $18752.00 $14616.00
Service Account $49214.00 $44929.00

1993 - 1994 President Rob Aisbett
Theme :
Believe in What You Do - Do what You Believe In

Highlights: Exchange visits with Stawell and Warracknabela Rotary clubs. FAIM, a team comprising of Rotarian K.Dowsley, B.Bell and a Rotarian from Altona North helped construct a Rotashelter on Manono Island, Western Samoa. The Apprentice of the year award presentation was conducted by TAFE College. The Rotoract club is struggling. Art show has a declining profit margin and is an area of concern.

Exchange Student - outgoing Amanda Marshall
Exchange Student - incoming Marie-Louise Outzen from Denmark
GSE team - incoming Germany
RYLA participant Kelly Rae-Schneider
Siemens Science School Yvonne DeCoul, Sarah Bird and Kara Gilmartin
Paul Harris Fellow recipients Jack Schier
Art Show profit $ 4472.00

Financial receipts 1993 - 1994
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $21487.00 $15281.00
Service Account $24490.00 $19489.00

1994 - 1995 President Euan Thompson
Theme :
Be a Friend

Highlights: The district conference held in Horsham was a huge success. HERC promoted and established the Wimmera's first community FM Radio Station. The car raffle was our biggest fundraiser for the year. All service clubs provided BBQ for the Carols by Candlelight and Australia Day celebrations. A tour for the elderly was held around Horsham. An evening was held to measure our knowledge of multi cultural issues and speakers for 6 different cultural backgrounds spoke. The 2 Rotary clubs conducted a campaign "I am Australian", using the facilities of TAFE and with the assistance of Horsham CES. The club was asked to address its commitment to the youth exchange because of the extreme difficulty in identifying host families.

Exchange Student - outgoing Jim Pyke to Germany
Exchange Student - incoming Debra Rossoi from Canada
GSE team - incoming Poland and Sweden
RYLA participant Colleen Clarke
RYPEN Andrew Dunn
Siemens Science School 10 students
Paul Harris Fellow recipients John Nunn
Art Show profit $426.00

Financial receipts 1994 - 1995
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $19440.00 $17928.00
Service Account $19037.00 $19229.00

1995 - 1996 President Trevor Bysouth
Theme :
Act With Integrity, Serve With Love, Work For Peace.

Highlights: $5000 was given to the McKenzie Creek learning annex. Also donated was $4000 to Wimmera Base Hospital building appeal, with a commitment to a further $4000 per year for the next 4 years. (Subject to each boards approval) $15000 was given to both local and other worthwhile projects. 25th birthday celebrations occurred. Three female members were inducted into rotary. A debate was held on the topic of "Is the four way test relevant today". Our club organised a program to help students choose their career path.

Exchange Student - outgoing Georgie Wilmore to Germany
GSE team - incoming Pennsylvania
GSE outgoing member Tanya Barnes to Pennslyvania
RYLA participant Robert Goudie
RYPEN Kylie McIntryre and Mathew Baldwin
Bill Davey Award Luke Robertson
Paul Harris Fellow recipients K.Hogan and Jon Johanson
Art Show profit $4552.00

Financial receipts 1995 - 1996
No financial report at change over dinner

1996 - 1997 President Alan Vickers
Theme :
Build the Future With Action & Vision

Highlights: A Theatre Night was held "Sound of Music". JANA is a new project, initiated as a co-operate effort involving Lions, Apex and Rotary clubs in Horsham. Trudi McKenzie attended the CRA National Youth Science forum. Our club hosted the Junior Horsham College Debate.

Exchange Student - incoming Kimi Uenoda from Japan
GSE team - incoming Thailand
GSE outgoing member Charles Hajek to Thailand
Siemens Science School 4 students
Bill Davey Award Kristy Ward
Art Show profit $1580.00

Financial receipts 1996 - 1997
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $21639.00 $10125.00
Service Account $27609.00 $24951.00

1997 - 1998 President Bob Hayes
Theme :
Show Rotary Cares

Highlights: Rotarian PHF Cec Hopper & PHF K.Hogan passed away. We assisted with the Red Cross Red Shield and Heart Appeals. Greg Gale keeps our student exchange board updated. Victoria Clyne was the clubs successful applicant for an Ambassadorial Scholarship.

Exchange Student - incoming Hiro Tanaka from Japan
GSE team - incoming Canada and USA
RYLA participant Kara Sonego
RYPEN Melanie tippet
Bill Davey Award Claire Hallam
Paul Harris Fellow recipients Don Johns
Art Show profit $4466.00

Financial receipts 1997 - 1998
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $30973.00 $30094.00
Service Account $37487.00 $32848.00

1998 - 1999 President Ken Dowsley
Theme :
Follow Your Rotary Dream

Highlights: The club has been investigating some involvement in helping establish a new Youth Centre in the old fire Station building in Pynsent Street. Continuing the strong involvement HERC has with the youth of our community. Supported the Horsham Arts Council production of "Joseph and his amazing technicoloured coat" with a large group of Rotarians present. Links were created with the Hoa Binh Social Protection Centre in Vietnam with the intention of contributing towards the cost of a water buffalo and the services of a trainer. The car raffle was won by a Natimuk resident.

Exchange Student - outgoing Kim Crisp to Canada
GSE team - incoming France
GSE outgoing member Gary Green to France
RYPEN Emma Pitman
Siemens Science School 5 students
Bill Davey Award Anna Watts
Rio Tinto Science Forum Rachel Delahunty
Art Show profit $5893.00

Financial receipts 1998 - 1999
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $15571.00 $14606.00
Service Account $34191.00 $23785.00

1999 - 2000 President Terry Harris
Theme :
Act with Consistency, Credibility and Continuity

Highlights: After 2 years of discussion roadside fatality markers were placed on the Western Highway. Nexus Youth Centre opened. 3 tons of books were collected and transported to Geelong Rotary club for distribution in 3rd world countries.

Exchange Student - outgoing Abbie Wilmore to Switzerland
Exchange Student - incoming Christian Groenland from Denmark
GSE team - incoming Argentina
GSE outgoing member Karen Werner to Argentina
RYLA participant Nathan Stephens
RYPEN Cilicia Smith and Tegan Rudolph
Siemens Science School James Taylor
National Science Forum Anne Dowsley
Bill Davey Award Brendan Wills
Art Show profit $1484.00

Financial receipts 1999 - 2000
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $13794.00 $13177.00
Service Account $30651.00 $32787.00

2000 - 2001 President Peter Rafter
Theme :
Create Awareness - Take Action

Highlights: Our club was presented a Rotary International Public Relations Award in recognition of our road Fatality Markers Project. Wiwa Aboriginal Achievement Award was given to Jason Strawbridge. HERC participated in the Greenlake clean up. Our club celebrates 30 years of service. Sponsorship through world Vision of 13 year old Michael Seki from Indonesia adds a new dimension to our international interests. The club members had 82 "dream jobs" interviews with year 9 students from Horsham College. The HERC BBQ is proving very popular, due no doubt to chief chef Graham Ponton. Medical equipment and books sent to East Timor. We recognised the service given to the community by people with disabilities by awarding "Shine-On" awards. The Art show was reduced in length by one day to Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

GSE team - incoming Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi Club
RYPEN Laura Hammond
Siemens Science School 6 students
Bill Davey Award Emma Uebergang
Art Show profit $6316.00

Financial receipts 2000 - 2001
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $18089.00 $ 14001.00
Service Account $16889.00 $ 9284.00

2001 - 2002 President Robyn Lardner
Theme :
Mankind is Our Business

Highlights: Funds were raised for Rotary House, Ballarat. A new fundraising event was launched - a charity auction raised $10,000 and $6,000 was given to the Horsham Emergency Food Centre. Our club was involved in the formation of the Rupanyup Probus Club. HERC introduced email service. A Hot water system and improved kitchen was put in our clubrooms. A new BBQ trailer was built. A survey was conducted of the travelling public at May Park, where questions were asked of their awareness and opinion of the markers - favourable comments were received. Ten seats were made for use on the Wimmera River Walkway. We planned a public awareness campaign in regard to mental health. A brochure was produced "Why I Like Being a Member of this Club". The Pride of Workmanship Awards were renamed the Joe Frejah POW Awards.

Sadly, Rotarians Graham Wyatt and Joe Freijah passed away.

Exchange Student - outgoing Rebecca St John to USA
Exchange Student - incoming Renato Joao from Brazil
GSE team - incoming Philippines and Norway
GSE outgoing member Wendy James to Norway
RYPEN Melinda Krause
Siemens Science School 4 students attended
Bill Davey Award Jenna Scneider
Paul Harris Fellow recipients Allan Uebergang and Dianne Thomas
Art Show profit $5527.00

Financial receipts 2001 - 2002
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $13995.00 $13561.00
Service Account $40085.00 $36948.00

2002 - 2003 President Steve Sostheim
Theme :
Sow the Seeds of Love

Highlights: We assisted in the formation of the Murtoa Probus Club. New display boards were made for the Art show. At the instigation of the HRC, which celebrated its 75th Anniversary a committee was formed comprising Rotarians from both Horsham clubs to organise the building of Rotary House. The launch dinner raised $75,000.00. 7 of the 9 prospective city councillors spoke to our members. The club got involved with the Orphan Train Project, which helps orphanages around the world.

Sadly, Rotarians G.Schreck and PHF B.Brooke passed away.

Exchange Student - incoming Kristina Koskinen from Finland
GSE teams went to England and India
RYLA participant 3 students
National Youth Science Forum 1 student
Summer Science School 7 students
Bill Davey Award Amanda Glaubitz
Art Show profit $6600.00
Clearing sale profit $3566.00
Gala Auction profit $7364.00

Financial receipts 2002 - 2003
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $42842.00 $50565.00
Service Account $92960.00 $92167.00

2003 - 2004 President Geoff Eagle
Theme :
Lend a Hand

Highlights: Green Park kindergarten was painted. The clearing sale raised some money. Citizens advise Bureau building is refurbished. Pride of Workmanship again a highlight.

Tragically, Rotarian Rob Marshall, a very active member at Board, district and national level, collapsed and died at a club meeting.

Exchange Student - incoming Passarut Liamyoo (Pat) from Thailand
GSE team - incoming England co-hosted with Dimboola RC
GSE outgoing member Jenny Reid to England
RYPEN Rhys Bawden and Maddie Gilsenan
Summer Science School Emma Mikkelsen and Rebecca McRae
Bill Davey Award Madeline McGennisken
Art Show profit $8000.00
Gala Auction profit $8200.00
Car Raffle profit $7000.00
Financial receipts 2003 - 2004
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $48983.00 $ 51905.00
Service Account $80530.00 $ 84191.00

2004 - 2005 President Gary Green
Theme :
Celebrate Rotary

Highlights: The club was involved in the Centenary Year of Rotary by planing "100 trees for 100 years" at the revamping of the Karkana grounds. The club is investigating the sending of a working party to Cambodia. The joint service club organised and provided the catering for the Campervan Motor Home Rally and our chefs did outstanding service. Our club was also involved in an appeal for Tsunami victims. Over $15,000 was raised through various functions. The address to one of our meetings by Phong Nguyen was a highlight.

Sadly, two long serving members died - Ab Braggonje and David Owens.

Exchange Student - outgoing Daniel Ellis to USU
Exchange Student - incoming Diane Hansen from Denmark
GSE team - incoming Belgium
RYLA participant Kylie Green
RYPEN Susan Andersen and Amy Lavithis
National Youth Science Forum Jake Campbell
Bill Davey Award 2 recipients - with the assistance of the Davey family
Paul Harris Fellow recipients Rob Marshall, posthumously
Art Show profit $7100.00
Gala Auction profit $8000.00

Financial receipts 2004 - 2005
Income Expenditure
General Accounts $42535.00 $42464.00
Service Account $57316.00 $35857.00

We are a proud club, proud of our achievements of the past, despite having to overcome some difficulties and proud of our standing in the community. Because of the calibre of our club and its members, we can confidently look forward to many more years of fellowship and service to our fellow man.


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